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JULY 2020

Monthly Promotions

  • 10% Off Ginger. Ginger essential oil is 10% off all month long! ...

  • Product of the Month: Fennel. Get this powerful, versatile oil for free with a 125 PV LRP order through July 15. ...

  • Summer Cashback Splash. This month, any new enrollees who enroll with $150 will receive 50 doTERRA dollars. ...

Our Fennel essential oil is sourced in Europe and is a handy staple for every house. So snag your free bottle with a 125 PV loyalty order to make sure you’re stocked up. Fennel is calming to the stomach, which can be helpful after barbecues, county fairs, or pie-eating contests.

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Looking Ahead!

This year the doTERRA Convention in Salt Lake City has been cancelled in person.  The good news is that YOU CAN ATTEND ONLINE.  Ticket sales start soon!

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