Product of the Month: Lime 15 mL

Step into the Lime-light with our pure Lime essential oil! Lime essential oil gives you a natural way of supporting your immune systems, acts as a topical and internal cleanser, and lets you experience a sweet aroma. Southern Brazil has the perfect climate for growing citrus fruits. The area is ideal for growing some of the highest quality citrus fruits in the world and, consequently, producing high-quality citrus oils. This essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of fresh limes, the oils are expressed from the rinds, and the juice is pressed from the whole fruit! Do not miss your chance to get this oil for free with any 125 PV Loyalty Order placed by April 15th!

2021 Evōlve Convention

Save the date Sept. 7th - 11th. Come in person or attend virtually!

This convention will be held both in person and virtually—our most dynamic experience yet! Ticket information is coming soon, but for now save the date. We can't wait to have you join us at doTERRA 2021 Evōlve Convention, September 7–11.

April 2021 Promotions!

10% Off: Neroli Touch 10 mL

Soothe your skin with our Neroli Touch! Neroli Touch creates an uplifting atmosphere, soothes the skin, and provides a gentle, calming aroma. Neroli is distilled from the flowers of bitter orange trees. It’s one of three essential oils obtained from bitter orange trees: Wild Orange (peel), Neroli (flowers), and Petitgrain (twigs and leaves). Make sure to add Neroli to your order this month!

10% Off Pricing Wholesale $42.30 | 42.3 PV

Retail $56.40

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Aroma Essentials Kit- Bring lovely scents into your space without the toxins

Help your customers see the choices and know they don’t have to settle for synthetic chemicals to enjoy the lovely aromas they love so much. With the power of nature, yo have everything you need to create an inviting atmosphere and purify the air.

This new kit includes the Laluz diffuser and the following 5mL oils:

Single oils: Peppermint & Wild Orange

Proprietary Blends: Balance, Breathe, Serenity, On Guard, Cheer, Adaptiv, Citrus Bloom & Northern Escape

Wholesale $149.50 | 110 PV

Join Kres as she shares valuable information about how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday routine.  Kres also shares helpful education on using oils on your pets!

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