Anti-Itch Spray for Itchy Dogs

Anti-Itch Spray for Itchy Dogs


There is nothing more miserable for your dog than itchy, irritated skin that causes scratching and discomfort!  While skin conditions can be caused by a multitude of situations, you can help to soothe the frustration of itching by using this tried and proven home remedy   (we have 5 dogs!) that is sure to bring some much needed relief from the "itchies".


After much research we came up with "Anti-Itch Hot Spot & Allergy" Spray.  We have combined essential oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Copaiba and colloidal silver & Aloe Vera Juice to produce a product that will bring fast relief.  In addition, this blend has some wonderful ingredients that will help to promote healing to the skin and encourage fur re-growth.


(** As always, we recommend that your pet see your Veterinarian when needed.  We work with a wonderful Dr. that uses essential oils in his practice along with traditional medical procedures and consult with him to confirm treatment plans for our pets.)

"Anti-Itch Hot Spot & Allergy Spray" comes from our "Pet Line" of products.  Check out  our additional product lines made especially for people, pets and your home.  We also offer a variety of other products focusing on well-being and essential oils. We love to TALK OILS and show you how your life can be greatly improved when you realize the power of essential oils.