Memorial Pet Ornament

Memorial Pet Ornament


Losing a pet is hard!  We recently lost a member of our own fur family. It takes time to heal and we must rememer that our pet will always live on in our hearts.


With great respect and in honor of your pet, we offer the memorial pet ornament.  This ornament is not just for the holidays, but can be displayed all year long to remember the special part of the familly that is no longer with you.  This rememberance also makes a wonderful gift for a family or friend who lost a pet.


We will customize it however you want with our pet's photo, paw print or special saying.  You just tell us what you want on it.  We have included a few ideas if you need some help deciding.  


Please be sure to send your design, artwork or photos to:  DESIGN MY OWN


Send sharp, clear photos. Blurry photos and low resolution photos will not produce good results.


Allow ample space around the subject to be able to crop is necessary



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    We will send you a "proof" of your design to review and approve.  Once approved and your item is created, we can not offer refunds. Thank you.