The famous DONNA KAY of Cape San Blas, Florida!


(Farewell to the Donna Kay.  Operations started on August 23, 21 to remove her from her resting place..  Though she is no longer there, the memories will continue to live on in those the "made the trip" to see her.)


​Local legend tells the story of the Donna Kay.  The Shrimp boat arrived on the shore of the Cape San Blas on the Forgotten Coast of Florida in 2018.  Her arrival is still surrounded in some debate and variations of her story abounds throughout the community.  The most popular account of her fate is that she arrived on the Cape just days after the Category 5 Hurricane Michael that wrecked havoc on the area.  The Boat was supposedly being returning from Alabama to Apalachicola after the boat had received repairs. The captain experienced problems and the shrimp nets got caught up in the boat's mechanics causing the boat to lose steering capabilities and run ashore.  Several attempts have been made to remove her.  At the present time, the Donna Kay rests peacefully on the shores of Cape San Blas.  Locals and visitors alike enjoy making the one mile trip out to see her or even spend the day near here.  The Donna Kay has become a popular icon in Gulf County Florida.

Makes a great "Donna Kay Memory".  Perfect to keep in your vacation home for guests to enjoy.  Makes a great gift to those that appreciated the Donna Kay.  Fun for the whole family as you talk about your memories of the walk to visit her on the Cape.

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120 pcs.
size:: Approx. 12 inches by 8 inches
Bright and clear design
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Remembering the Donna Kay- PUZZLE