"Sea Turtles Frolic"


The Sea Turtle symbolizes longevity, peace, grounding, ancient wisdom, and emotional strength. Turtle carries the world on its back, grounding it wherever it goes. ... Keeping a steadfast mind will bring confidence and calm to your emotional state, as well as peace and acceptance to your unique path.


The sea turtle is such a special creature.  Not only have the survived the test of time, but they also remind us of how important it is to be good caretakers of the world that we live in.


This is perfect for the sea turtle lover or makes a great gift for anyone who loves the sea.  The 20 ounce tumbler bears the design of two sea turtles frolicking in the vast beauty of the sea.  This  stainless steel tumbler will help keep your drink cold.  It features a closable lid (included) and a reusable metal straw.


The design is a variety of beautiful colors and your design will stay vivid and not fade.  Handwashing your tumbler is always recommended.



Sea Turtles Frolic