Be reminded each time you pick up your Dragonfly mug that change and happiness are always attainable when we are willing to focus on the good and dispel the negative.


Dragonfly symbolism and meaning:


A dragonfly symbol represents change and transformation. It is a reminder for you to shed more light and joy in your life. It tells you not to remain in the dark or the shadows. 

A dragonfly encourages you to dive into your emotions and asks your spirit to soar with your true colors. Have you seen a dragonfly in the sunshine? It is gorgeous! 

What do dragonflies mean? A dragonfly asks us to break free from our illusions. As it reflects light, it asks us to reflect our inner light. 


Mug: 15 0unces

Design: Transformation Dragonfly

Dishwasher safe (regular cycle), microwave safe

Comes in a well-padded box.


Perfect gift for yourself or to share.