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We never charge extra for custom design work, editing and final artwork that is prepared for print to your ordered item!

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Personalization, Unique Designs, Photos and MORE!  Do you have an idea?  We can make it happen!  Also great for fundraisers, retail sales, weddings, special events, marketing and so much more!

Why Choose Sublimation Dye Process?


The sublimation process infuses the design directly into the surface of the item being sublimated.  Your design will not peel, scratch off or wash off.  The result is that your design stays vibrant and lasts a long time.  

Meraki Art Designs Sublimation offers customized and personalized items at great prices! Perfect for gifts, promotional items, team items, business items and more!  Do you have a work of art or did your child draw a masterpiece that you'd like to see on a mug, tumbler, hat, shirt or other item? Have your name or personalized message printed on a tumbler!  The possibilities are limitless! We can make it happen!

BRIGHT!  Vivid and Quality Designs!


Sublimation 20 oz White Skinny Tumbler with Straw

Talk Oils Sublimination can put your photos, design, logo or any print on your very own tumbler.  We do not charge extra for the design work to prepare it for printing to your item.  

Great for gifts, teams, businesses, events, special celebrations and MORE

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If ordering more than 10 - please inquire about special bulk pricing